Efficiency in our Courts

There is likely no better training ground for running an efficient courtroom than being a Judge in Jefferson District Court, where Julie has served since 2018. Each District Court can handle up to 250 cases per day. Combine that with the years Julie spent running her own law firm, and you can guarantee she runs a tight ship. Litigants deserve timely court dates and decisions. Julie has seen how this can and can't be accomplished and will bring this insight with her to the Circuit bench. Cases will be given the time they need and deserve, and decisions and trials will not be delayed. Julie has dedicated her life to honoring the ideals of a justice system that protects and serves all. During the pandemic, District Court has struggled even more than in the past to find ways to improve wait times. Julie has often been at the whim of decisions beyond her control. In Circuit Court, Julie would be able to have much more control over how the court is run, and she cannot wait to dive into making it the best, most efficient courtroom in the city.   

Upholding Our Constitution

For years Julie has seen the Constitution be stripped of its power to protect citizens.  If we do not apply it strongly and evenly, and guard it against the winds of popularity, it becomes meaningless.  Julie is 100% committed to making sure citizens Constitutional rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law, and that everyone is treated equitably.

On Bonds and Jail Overcrowding

One of the biggest issues this election season is bonds for those facing criminal charges.  As someone who has handled criminal cases of nearly every kind and degree, and who served on the Jail Policy Committee, Julie is intimately familiar with the laws regarding bond, and the hardships facing our jails.  She is also famililar with the alarming number of people we keep in jail because they forgot to pay a fine, or missed court on a speeding ticket.  Our jails and courts have implemented some great steps in recent years, such as phoning people with reminders of their court dates, and increasing the use of home incarceration and global monitoring when appropriate.  The data shows these things are working. During the pandemic, when release numbers rose dramatically, the rate of reappearance did not drop dramatically. Instead, we saw that most people who are released will come back to court. Julie believes bail should be used for people we are scared of, not people we are mad at.  Aristotle said, "The law is reason, free from passion." Julie will apply her experience and reason to set fair bonds as is required by the Constitution and state law.

Technology and the Courts

Kentucky courts have progressed by leaps and bounds when it comes to technology. We now have e-filing, wired courtrooms, and even the ability to livestream court. In fact, Julie is the only Judge in Kentucky who livestreams court everyday. However, much more is needed to bring us into the future. Julie wants the Courts to be as accessible as possible, and in today's world that means having as much of it available online as possible. As a Judge, Julie has used technology and social media to convey important information to litigants and attorneys, and will continue to do so. Julie will also work to put accurate and complete court dockets online, as well as a method for citizens to be electronically alerted in the event of court closures. As a matter of fact, Julie designed and made most of this website herself - sorry for any typos! 

If you would like to review some of the data Judge Kaelin has worked to gather, you can find it here.


Making Real Change: