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Election Day is November 8, 2022

In 2018, Julie ran for District Court with the slogan "more than a name." Julie ran to show that Louisville could elect a Judge based on more than just their last name and how much money they spend. And she did it. Julie Kaelin is more than a name. She kept the promises made in 2018, and brought positive changes to the District Court bench - ranging from more transparency to real progress on bail reform. Now she wants to do the same in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Julie is the only candidate in the Division Four race with experience in both criminal and civil practice in Circuit Court. Her first job out of law school was as a personal injury lawyer. She then went on to serve as a Public Defender for five years, before leaving to open her own private firm. In private practice, Julie continued to handle serious criminal cases, and also served as counsel to Hillerich & Bradsby Co., makers of Louisville Slugger products, working on mass tort litigation and other business law. She has taught trial practice to law students and other lawyers and also represented lawyers throughout Kentucky who were facing contempt charges. She piloted pro bono felony expungement efforts, personally clearing the records of more than 100 Louisvillians who could say they were no longer convicted felons, and authored an expungement guidebook for lawyers that is still in use today. 

Julie has the diverse experience necessary for Circuit Court, including having handled multiple death penalty cases. She is the only candidate in this race with criminal, civil, probate, and judicial experience. The choice is clear: elect Judge Julie for Circuit Court 4.


Videos from the 2018 Campaign